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Post  shynn03 Fri Oct 31, 2014 9:31 am

As I read stories of people about getting their family in the UK, my story is somewhat different. I want to apply for an indefinite leave to remain in the UK under the abuse and violence category. I got maŕried in the UK 2007 but after a year my husband decided to go to my country to live. Despite the fact that I explained to him about living there wasn't that easy, he still insisted and did it anyway. He tried businesses but never listened to me and tried to control my life as well. When the business failed he was classed as an immigrant for staying out of the UK for 3 years and couldn't even get benefits for himself. He was born and bred in Scotland. There were lots of cases of verbal abuse and threats that I experienced when we fight and the kids were affected too. My daughter was getting those abusive words as well. He didn't want me to work before but when I told myself that enough is enough and I need to work to get out of his house and give my kids a much peaceful place, I decided to ask help from solicitors. I tried to prove that I can support myself and my kids even without my husband and not really wanting benefits but the solicitor said that it's against the law to work if I got separated since I was under spouse visa. We came back here 2011 and abusive words were still happening and I know he could also hurt me if he lost his patience because he's been pushing me to the bed and threaten me too. Part of the obsession was begging and crying after fighting to let me stay. I have rented a house now for me and my kids just in case we fight again and throw us out again . But he doesn't know it yet and I'm taking my clothes out slowly. My question is this. Will I be alright to apply for indefinite leave still using abuse category but not wanting benefits at all? I'm willing to do my best to pay for every bill just not to lose my job that supports me and my kids if I got separated from him. My solicitor said it's easier to help someone with no job and no place to go. But isn't it much better to apply proving you have means to support your family instead of asking for benefits? I love my job and I can't risk it juz for 3 month period help while processing my visa application. Will I get a chance to get my visa this way?


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