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my painful story

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my painful story Empty my painful story

Post  Snowbird Fri Aug 31, 2012 12:44 pm

Hello, all. My story probably sounds like many of yours.

I'm an American, living in the states, and my same sex fiancee is British, living in UK. We've been together for nearly three years. We met online. After putting a bit of money into the bank, I happened to log on to UKBA at the end of June after several months of not doing so, and got a nasty surprise.

My fiancee does not meet the threshold, nor is she likely to in the next several years, as she lives in the north of England where wages are lower. Our only recourse, aside from winning the lottery, is to try and save the ludicrous sum of money that Theresa May and co. deem necessary to avoid ending up on public funds.

She cannot come to the United States with me because our Federal government, which handles immigration matters, does not recognize same sex unions, even if the partners were married in a state where same sex marriage is legal and performed.

"Despondent" doesn't begin to describe how we feel. I read a post on here from someone who mentioned "what if someone commits suicide over this," and I can say in truth that it's only a matter of time before somebody does. I feel that way on a daily basis.

The rules need to be changed. If Mrs. May's primary concern is making sure that the foreign spouses of UK citizens don't end up on public funds, WTF don't they just stamp the visa with "NO RECOURSE TO PUBLIC FUNDS," have it last for the 10 or so years it now takes to get ILR, and do a better damned job at enforcing it? :-( :-( No


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my painful story Empty never forget the reason we are fighting for

Post  Daisy18 Fri Aug 31, 2012 9:28 pm

I feel your pain snowbird, we all here are going through the hell right now, but we need to be focused and never forget the reason we are fighting for. I am not a young girl who just had a crush on somebody I am grown up women who knows the price of a real, true love. My fiancée is the best what could happen to me in this life and I will never give up because he is worth every tear, every pain I am coming through right now. I know we will be together and there is no other option.

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my painful story Empty My painful story

Post  alandamper Fri Aug 31, 2012 9:34 pm

Hi Snowbird,

Sorry to hear about you situation.

As you said ALL partners admitted for settlement are not entitled to use 'public funds'. The Home Secretary stresses that residents are free to choose their partner but shouldn't expect the tax payer to support their choice. She plays to the gallery and ignores that condition stamped on visas. I sum up the Governments public policy aim as 'Partner=Immigrant=Criminal'. It's public fear the Government plays on to ensure they can bring in draconian rules to bring number down. No control over EEA migration so it's the non-EEA migrants that must be stopped. So when she spouts lines like that it is very annoying - she knows they can't get benefits.

There is the wider issue of support - housing, jobs etc for migrants, but the impact on that aspect from Family Migration is minimal (3.3%) and the Home Secretary is simply ignoring the distress of families suffering under rules brought in largely for her and her party's political survival in power.

Hang in there.

Just a point - is your partner employed or self-employed? If self-employed you can't use savings. The self-employed's bank cash is not deemed the same as an employed person!!



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my painful story Empty Im going through the same :(

Post  Sam1986 Fri Feb 15, 2013 2:44 pm

Hei i met my ozi man 3 years ago and have been together throught working visa'a, were are getting married here in australia in 4 weeks, and i at home in the uk is on min wage! therefore i dont meet the financial requirement! it is heart breaking for me and mu husband to be, we dont wish to settle in Australia as we both have jobs in the UK waiting for us but that doesnt seem to matter anyway! planning our wedding is ment to be a happy time, i mean to marry my best buddy is gr8 but its the fact we may not be able to live together after! No confused affraid Crying or Very sad


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