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My story today

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My story today Empty My story today

Post  Sarah of Dubai Mon Feb 10, 2014 4:10 am

Not sure who I should address this too but I am already in despair if the visa war that awaits me later this year.
In short I have been living outside of uk for 5 years and during that time I have had a few e ents happen to me as we all do . I has my second child in 2012 and just a month after he was born my mum hAd a horrendous car accident back in uk . I spent 4 months travelling back and forward 6 he journey to uk with a month old baby and a 5 year old on my own. The circumstances were horrific my broke her neck in 4 places and was paralyzed with some brain damage . The roller coaster of grief was unbearable but I held it together for my children .after 5 months of this my mum died anyway . My then husband conducted things like a business no emotional support and was absent at my mins funeral . I decided then to change my life, everyone deserves the chance to be happy and I was not. My husband was never there got me emotionally and it was then I met the man who literally saved my life , like something out of a film Iwt the most true and honest man who is my soul mate, I have since divorced my husbZbd and marties the man my children adore as he has time and love for them that they have only ever had from me . Shortly after my mum died in 2012 and my new baby arrived I was diagnosed with
Progressive multiple scelrosis, I had had a couple of episodes before but this rme I list all feeling in the right hand side of my body. In a nut shell I needy new husband my true love in my life everyday , he is my cater my rock my children's father our emotional support our saviour , I have no money to sponsor h but he has technical skills and we just want to build out family life in uk and live a simple happy life together . He has givens his life ande and my boys cannot breath without this man. What can I do , I have no one In uk without him , my father is 2 hours drive away , I am making myself sick stressing about this each day .
God bless all in this situation I wish there was an answer.

Sarah of Dubai

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