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Campaigning with fashion...

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How many people are willing to buy a t-shirt, to force change?

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Campaigning with fashion... Empty Campaigning with fashion...

Post  Khrissy3000 Tue Sep 18, 2012 8:29 pm

As I was looking around on the internet yesterday, I came across this website:


Imagine the publicity we would get if we all walk around our cities wearing a t-shirt that represent this campaign and our battle, imagine the "views" that we could get on youtube, imagine the "signatures" we would get on e-petitions, imgagine the "likes" we will get on Facebook and the "posts" we will receive on this forum, imagine how many of them will think to themselves "what is this all about?" Then out comes the mobile or the pen and paper and BINGO!!! They have entered our world, the one that is being crush by politicians who are supposed to run the "country" not "our lives".


-These are the things that will expand our campaign, it could start a huge campaign, especially if we get the support of national and international charities.

People say that blogging will get us no where, well it does raise "awareness" and pulls people into our campaign, but we should never solely rely on it and it is not the best form of raising awareness. This will be the best t-shirt you could ever buy.

I will design and upload some imagines to give you all an idea of what kind of things we should include on it. We should all be wearing one, husbands, wives and children, families and friends if you can convince them as well.


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